Angular HTTP GET Request with Firebase

Hi Folks, In Previous Post, we have seen how to send HTTP post request to Firebase. Today we will see how to send HTTP GET request to firebase. First of all open http.service.ts and replace it with the code below: import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; import { Http, Response, Headers } from '@angular/http'; import { Observable } from "rxjs/Observable"; import 'rxjs/Rx'; @Injectable() export class HttpService { constructor(public http: Http) { } postFunc(postData:any){ const body = JSON.

Angular HTTP POST Request with Firebase

Hi Folks, We are going to create a simple application that used to send HTTP POST request to Firebase. First of all open cmd and install angular-cli using command npm install angular-cli After installation of angular-cli, create your angular2 project using following Command ng new your-app-name Now open cmd into your project directory and run command ng serve Now open following url. http://localhost:4200 and you will see the front page of your Application